After working for an insurance agency and later for a renowned accounting firm, Mrs Saner decided to find some work that is more creative. She left Biel and joined an architecture office in Gstaad where she took care of the commercial and accounting side. At the time she claimed she only wanted to stay "for one winter season" ...

Founding of Gerax SA
Construction of the first condominium apartments in Gstaad, "Chalet Bodehus". Gerax at the time has 2 apartments for sale and 3 for rent!

Mrs. Bühler joins the company

Construction and sale of Chalet Beluga on the Wispilestrasse

Construction and sale of Chalets Bagheera and Morea

Realization of Chalet Millenium/Lagonda

Gerax and partners save the Huus am Bach from demolition and Gerax moves from their little signature Chalet to their new, spacious office.

Creation and sale of Chalet Clarice in the Rütti

Loss of our beloved colleague Fluppy in a tragic heli-ski accident

2011 – 2012
Finishing of Chalets La Rochette in the Rütti

The family home in Bissen, below the Wasserngrat is ready to move in

2012 – 2014
Project Chalet Stephanie, Gstaad

In the mean time there are 25 employees looking after the well being of our clients. Without their dedication and loyalty Gerax wouldn't be "Gerax – the definition of customer service"

The trust of our first clients lead to our success.

Thank you all very much!